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Magna Prime is now in the process of standardization of training and awareness for ISO certification

What is the importance of ISO Standardization for Magna Prime?

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Incorporated is a manufacturing company that manufactures different innovative products mainly in construction supplies.

Currently the company, is in an ongoing process of ISO standards for Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2015), Occupation Health & Safety (ISO 45001-2018), and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001-2015).

As Magna Prime grows, all the company's systems must be properly organized. CEO Derrick A. Tan states, "We need to get ourselves organized because, if we would not be organized in our own home; how can we go external? how will the market trust us?"


Magna Prime is making sure that all the product quality should be based on international standard.

CEO Derrick A. Tan also emphasizes a well-known culture of "Hiya", a Filipino culture that addresses shyness or shame. It is also derived from pride that is correlated with a person's image, a company, or a product.

Magna Prime is ensuring that all of its people under Magna Prime's management are in a safe environment, "We are treating our people like our own family, we want to make sure that the Magna Prime, their second home is safe for everyone and for their families."

Magna Prime is a responsible leader, a company, and wants to make sure that everything is sustainable, especially to their environment and community. "Our aim is that our waste is properly dispose and minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible."

Magna Prime is looking forward to standardization and currently, training with different ISO standards is in process and will be expected to finish within six months.


ISO’s Primary Objective


The ISO organization's primary responsibility is to ensure that the access control, disaster recovery, business continuity, incident response, and risk management needs of the organization are adequately addressed, lead information security awareness, training initiatives to educate the workforce and customers about information risks.


Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Incorporated, will continue to be a responsible leader for their surroundings, community and for their employees. The company will ensure to fulfill its duty and visions for the benefit of the company and their people.

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