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Magna Prime Looks to Industry Standardization and Modernization as It Celebrates 20th Year

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 25, at their new headquarters in Santa Maria, Bulacan. The three-hectare lot now houses all its offices, factories, and warehouse, as well as a research & development lab, quality control & assurance center, training center for stakeholders and employees, and a technical lab for product development and testing.



CEO Derrick Tan led the simple celebration with a time capsule ceremony that symbolizes its leaders’ commitment to raise the Filipino construction chemical industry to new heights. The two time capsules, intended to be opened 50 years and 100 years later, would remind future generations of the company’s core principles and LAKBAYANIHAN culture of fostering growth inclusivity that includes leaders, employees, customers, and the nation. “As we continue to break new grounds, we will always be guided by the Filipino values and traits of the people who started this company,” reads a portion of the plaque containing Tan’s message to the company’s employees, visitors, and future generations of leaders.


Keeping core values intact 

Magna Prime adheres to their four core values of hiya, malasakit, tiyaga, and malikhain. “Hiya” emphasizes mindfulness to customers’ needs and the integrity to provide only top-quality products and services to the best of their abilities. “We have hiya dahil nakakahiya sa tao kung hindi maganda ang produkto o serbisyo mo. We value their trust, therefore we want to provide them the best products and services that can satisfy their needs.” explains Tan. 

Malasakit” is manifested by the people who, regardless of their position in the company, exhibit a sense of responsibility for the growth of the organization. Meanwhile, “tiyaga” is the company’s unyielding passion and efforts to educate people, and the value of their perseverance to revolutionize the construction standards in the country. “We’ve trained and educated our people about innovations and standards in construction products and methodologies. Now, they are passing down their knowledge to the public through the establishment of our Technical Hubs and online campaigns, so it’s a continuous flow of sharing the knowledge and innovation for the next generations,’” says Tan.

Finally, “Malikhain” is the value of constantly finding innovative solutions. While the company seeks advancements in the construction chemicals industry, Magna Prime also exercises creativity in solving problems—even outside the field of construction. “Our innovative mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and ingenuity to cope and improve has allowed us to thrive throughout these years. Even at the height of the pandemic, we are able to adjust our strategies so we continue our operations and create new products based on the current needs of the people. This includes shifting to the digital space, which enabled us to achieve record-breaking sales.” Tan says. 

Onward and forward

Magna Prime’s contributions in innovating the local construction chemical industry did not end in creating multi-awarded products like the flagship SmartBond Tile Adhesive, as well as other admixtures, waterproofing, tiling, adhesive, and sealant products that all meet European quality standards.

They pioneered in utilizing digital services for construction consultation needs with the launch of the “Magtanong Para Sigurado” campaign on Facebook and YouTube last year. Through original digital content—tutorial videos and infographics discussing construction solutions and harnessing the benefits of technology to solve construction problems—Magna Prime has helped reach and educate more people. “By growing our online presence, we can tap more engineers, architects, contractors, and home builders, and update them with new methodologies and techniques, as well as the innovative, economical, durable, and sustainable products they can use for a more effective and convenient construction.”



Since 2012, Magna Prime has been laying the foundations of its Buildrite Academy by holding teaching seminars where the goal is to eventually create learning modules or courses for schools to emphasize the importance of construction chemicals in nation-building. Magna Prime also aims to work with the government to establish a Philippine Standard for methodologies and product development of construction chemicals, make it more fit for specific project requirements, current condition of the local industry, and the tropical climate of the country.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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The company behind Buildrite Construction Chemicals, Max Bond Adhesive Solutions, and Sinclair Paints forges onto the next 50 to 100 years guided by set core values.
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